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Our first Blog post!

Now some of you may be confused. A blog on a reselling page? 😂 Never thought ay? We thought, why not try something new, a better method to reach out to our clients, and get your feedback on what you want on our website!

We aim for our blog to be something engaging for you guys and to create a community within Prime's Insoles as after all this isn't just about selling, we want to get to know you guys and release products that you guys would want to purchase at better prices!

Upcoming releases of products will be shared here to allow you guys to stay updated on the products coming out in the future so you guys don't miss out. We say this because sometimes when it's out of stock, it's out of stock for a while😅.

We appreciate all of you customers and target to provide the best customer service possible🫡.

Stay tuned for the next blog post..⌛



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I'm waiting for you guys to stock up!

Mar 28
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