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Prime's Help Center

  • Do products come with packaging?
    Yes, in fact all products listed are brand new and come with full packaging unless stated.
  • Why is everything so cheap?
    All the products are cheap as we aim to make every customer satisfied with purchasing their favourite products at the best price to make it affordable so no one is left out. This is due to knowing that COVID-19 has had an impact on many.
  • Are the quality of the products good?
    Yes, all products are up to the best standard to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • What will happen after I've made a successful order?
    After making a purchase and making the order successful, you will receive confirmation as well as a receipt via email and the product will then begin to be processed and will be dispatched between 3-5 days, to then taking 7-14 days for the delivery to reach your doorstep!
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